Privacy Policy
  1. Only data stored on our systems is
    1. The configurations you create inside this app and,
    2. The analytical summary of your data which is displayed to you once you login
  2. We don't store your raw email data in our systems. As a matter of fact, we don't ask for access to anything beyond your email metadata
  3. We access your email metadata (from, to, cc, Subject, sent time etc.) to display you in aggregate
  4. Your data isn't sold or given to a marketer
  5. Your data isn't used for serving ads (including retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising)
  6. Any aggregated analytics are used only for product improvement purposes
  7. We don't allow humans to read the data, unless We first obtained the user's affirmative agreement for specific messages;
    It is necessary for security purposes (such as investigating a bug or abuse);
    It is necessary to comply with applicable law; or
    Your use is limited to internal operations and the data (including derivations) have been aggregated and anonymized.
  8. We comply with Google's Limited Use requirement